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Hip-Hop’s First Openly Gay Rapper Is…Keith Diamond. While promoting his music, when asked, “Why does he prefer live performances over recordings?” He states, that he doesn’t dislike recording, he would much rather kick off his shoes on stage and have that one on one connection with the listener.” But several tracks can be heard from his upcoming project, EP (Executive Privilege) at Not holding the punches, Keith's style of music is by far one of thee most diverse that the hop-hop or music industry rather, has ever come in contact with. Refuse To Lose, Money, and Doin Too Much featured on, EP, recently enabled hip-hop’s openly gay rapper to be named Five Artist 2 Watch @theweeklytop_40 on the LGBT Urban Charts. While streaming through, His message is crystal clear. From the grit and grim of Refuse To Lose, to his self-fulfilling prophecy, Mr. Twenty-First Century, and lyric by lyric truth of Fake Friends, versatility is definitely is more than apparent in his flow. When asked, how he plans to survive in a masculine dominated and a somewhat homophobic industry, Keith replied with, “I not only served but survived eight years in what is to be considered two of the most dangerous prisons in the State of Wisconsin. I feel like I have already overcome the worst. Music for me is a form of journalism of who I am and my life’s experiences. Whether you agree with my lifestyle choices or not, I am going to produce my truth, a truth that speaks volumes, a truth that needs no alibi, and most of all, a truth that warrants acceptance.” The Milwaukee native states, that one of the most challenging places to maintain the respect as a musician of any kind is in Milwaukee. “I come from a tough city. From all perspectives, we set our standards high especially if you are a resident. We like to know that you are worthy of our support. If I didn’t feel like my city was behind me, I would probably take a different approach, but that is simply not the case.
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