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I call my genre Poetic Flow. Its not all about the style, its about the lyrics them self. I started with peotry back in second grade , and it just bloomed into my life. First time in studio was 5th grade, and been in and out of them since. But ive been waiting to put most my music out untill i knew i was ready. Now im confident and ready to show what ive been crafting. And Along with the help of my fellow visionaries, (Pensive, Maliki, & Too-Perplex, ) we will build a foundation of prosperity. One of the reasons i submit is to give my people a Dipiction for them to hear ,And motivate them to conquer the obstacles in the way. The second reason is, i love music in general. If the song speaks truth ,ihave no problem listening. But when it comes to gibberish, no thanks. Music is more then just words on a paper for me. Its my whole life..
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