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BIOGRAPHY MAID is a polyglot artist born in Cameroon the 6 octobre 1986. As a result of the divorce of his parents in 1993, he immigrated to AMERICA as an yong boy with his mother, He grew up in NEW YORK [ ROOSVELT ISLAND]. This travel made him discover the Hip Hop culture of New York especially through Notorious BIG, NAS, MASE and more. He continued to hang around the Hip Hop scene ,then moved for his studies to Frankfurt(Germany) where . He discovered his second passion playing basketball. Due to a worse knee injury he needed to stop his sport skills. He decided to continue his courses at the Lycée Condé de Besançon(France). He really wanted to succeed in Hip Hop, he spends all his time on writing lyrics. MAID fought body and soul to always find a way out and got inspired by further artists like Busta Rhymes, MOP and Jay-Z… It was in Besançon he founded a crew named BLACK DIPLOMATS with 4 of his friends. They took second place in a Hip Hop contest in Paris in 2009. DISCOGRAPHY - First part of MAFIA K`1 FREE in the new auditorium in Montbéliard in June 2007 -Vocal Performer of the title „SAXO“ mixe from Laurent Wolf in collaboration with Greg B in July 2007 -Vocal Performer of the title „MIXE“ from David Morales & Crystal Waters which was classified as 3rd Hit Dance Radio Espace Media Club and 4th of the best classifications News Yacast in July 2007 -Showcase at the former KGB (8eme Avenue) in Besançon 24 decembre 2007 -Showcase at Spaces 39 in Dijon 31 decembre 2007 -Showcase in Solothurn 20 march 2008 28 july 2008 -Showcase at the Maquis Besançon 4 june 2010 Even with his succés MEGAPROD refused to invest more on his project. So he decided to produce himself where he dropped his first Mixtape called « HOT PLAY » with hit titles like « By Myself » « My life » and « for the haters. » He made a collaboration with his official Deejay named CHARLI, 3rd best in his domain in Switzerland and even more collaborations with other sizes of Swiss Hip Hop like Ivory MC, Vice Versa and DJ KER. start on his studies in Zurich to ensure if his Music project doesn’t work out he can rely on something. He continues to be on tour. He created the mouvement AFREE SQUAD with the help of SMOK STREET. The latest concerts were : Six Seven at the Champs élysées in Paris, at the Blue Note as well as at the El Coco in Biel in March 2012,, 2013 in lab and 2015 wipkinger festival( zh)then 2016 biel/bienne coupole feb 14th next live is may 7th at viva bar trun stay tuned!!!!! then dropped « COLDSIDE »",Dronicle" ,now working on his new album

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