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Badd Influinz Entertainment was established 1996 by Darke $cide with D-Hitz. D$ started off doing local car shows in San Angelo, Tx. 4 Classic Creations, Nu-Phase & Exotic Mini's. Sponsored by N. Hernandez Sir. in Odessa, Tx. D$ and BIE competed & won NEW artist showcase which lead him 2 a tour with Texas Tejano Tours. Which in turn landed an opportunity not only as opening act but to perform for Low Rider Magazine. Badd Influinz has many band members (Petey Popoff 'The Brooklyn Bully', Jazzie Z, Byrun Perkins 'Shorty B', Ema Rivera just to name a few). Darke $cide was born in Galveston Tx, raised on a Houston Tx beat, with an Austin, Tx twist. His genre of music is Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B/ and Pop. You can find music/videos/post on various social medias.. or YouTube (Darke $cide) or FB (Badd Influinz)
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Cum'n Out Ur SpeakerBox
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Love Goat Club

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