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D. Alt, better known as dee or dirty-dee was born in Grand Rapids Michigan where he spent the majority of his childhood years growing up as a troubled youth. He was constantly suspended from school and eventually got kicked out of the public school system and later the alternative education program as well. It wasn't until he poured himself into his music that things started to change for the positive. He's an artist that's not afraid to try new things and explore creative possibility. He knows no boundaries, He knows no limits. He just does what feels right. He masters every beat or instrumental he touches as he sometimes raps, sometimes sings, but always comes up with something. Musically for him it all started around August 2002. A friend of his gave him a Tupac CD and played the song Dear Mama. He was immediately intrigued and inspired by the work of Tupac Shakur and began filling notebook after notebook with rhymes as he knew it to be true practice makes perfect and the more you do something the better you'll get at it. It wasn't until late 2003, or early 2004 that he hit the booth at Grand Rapids, Michigan's Whole 9 Ent. and recorded what would be his first songs [later placed on the album "A Way With Words (the Sample Version)]. While in Grand Rapids, MI he recorded several songs with another local rapper and very good friend that now goes by the name of Ricasino. Sometime later in 2004, possibly around July he moved to southern California's Inland Empire and quickly linked up with a Los Angeles based rapper known as K9 [formerly of Death Row Records]. They became close friends and began going to the studio regularly to record songs for various mixtape albums from San Bernardino's 2X4 Studio's. While living in California he also worked or has spent time in the studio with DJ Phokus, Ce-Locc, Gorilla Doggg, KS, Assassin, and several more artists. In 2009 he packed it up and moved east to west Houston, Texas. It is here where he began to work on his beat making skills as he continued making albums to offer for free to anyone who liked them. Since living in Texas he's worked with artist's including Beezie [from Selfmade Records], Pacino, A.D., Jmir [from Blak Flag Ent], Young Kadafi, and several more. He's still yet to perform as he would like to bring people with him in a major way. From the first performance to the last. He believes in supporting the local communities in any way he can and knows it is with God all things are possible. He's a writer that raps and makes his own beats as well as does his own graphics. He's a creative mastermind and a musical genius. He's a positive loving person. He's inspirational.

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