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NW finest lyricist and producer, Edot has established himself and his art as becoming one of the great lyricist and producers in Portland. Inspired by artist such as Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Rakim, Jay-Z, Drake, J.Cole and many more. Edot and his ability to tell a story through music and bring you nothing, but good music. His passion, drive, dedication, ambition and hard work to become better; Edot "Approaching everything with an ultimate goal of unconditional, uncompromising success, Edot prides himself in his abilities as an artist and a lyricist." Showing the rose city everything that he has to offer; not only as an artist, but an engineer, producer, beat maker as well. Portland, Oregon born (Emilio Rahshad McCallister) began his love and passion for music at a young age. Rapping since 10 years old, Edot's rap skill began to excel and grow over the years. In 2003, he broke out with his first breakout show in 2003 at Coolnutz's Berbatis Open Mic. Edot grew his music and art and established himself and music over the years. Creating music and making beats for various artists such as Portland George, L.C. Jetson, Yung Phly, Arson, Tek Swisha and many more within and out of Oregon He has performed at such venues as Ash Street Saloon Boss City Music "PDX Fall Festival” 2011, Mt. Tabor Midnight Expressions 2010, The Gossip Diamond Jewels ENT., Bad Girl Wednesday 2011, Boss City Music and Mz Queen B Promotions “New Years Eve 2011”. Creating new music and making beats, Edot started finding more ways in creating fresh new music. Working with programs such as Fruity Loops Producer Edition, Sony Acid Pro, Sound forge, Protools, Adobe and many more. Edot has turned into a big name in the City of Roses. Now breaking out with his first mixtape "Heaven Only Knows” Edot has created tracks such as "Benzo Music" "Recognize" "Sky Full of Smoke" and Sky Full of Smoke 2 (Clouds) Working on his LP "The Greenprint" he’s ready to bring hip hop to another level. Bringing substance back to Hip Hop, that has been missing in the industry of music. His focus is to give you his all and mantle himself as one of the great mc’s that stepped on a mic. Good music. Team Edot!!!

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