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Halfbreed HBN, aka Mitchell Howington, aka Hoover as an artist is a contemporary revolutionary from Coatesville, PA, with a versatile style, which allows him, to reach both youthful and seasoned ears. Halfbreed HBN aka Hoover, as his friends know him, is also a versatile rapper who rhymes about everyday life: girlfriend problems, family, and trying to work hard to succeed as a productive citizen, father, and son. Halfbreed brings awareness, joy, self-respect, and exposure of everyday life through his lyrics. Coming from a family of musicians and singers, music has always been an intricate part of Halfbreeds life. His love for music, family and people in general inspire him to write and rhyme about subjects of political and self-awareness, as well as taking advantage of all life has to offer both its successes and failures. He is inspired by artists such as Tupac Shakur, and Public Enemy to name a few. Entering the music scene in 2008, Halfbreed recorded his first EP, I AM, WHAT I"

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