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Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Lil’ Kee aka Mr. Joe Billionaire, hatched a plan in the summer of 2000 move to the DFW circuit to bring his heat to the masses in Texas. Many said he wouldn’t and plenty said he couldn’t, but there is force driving him to be successful! Those who were against him have now joined him. He later coined the quote, “Arkansas Made, Texas Paid!” The one known as Lil’ Kee, aka Mr. Joe Billionaire, has always been focused, enduring and persevering. After a brief stint in the U.S. military, Lil’ Kee and his homie Dollas, formed the mighty duo Jump Out Boyz. These two embarked upon a recording career, releasing a demo entitled,“Comin’ Out Tha Woodworks”. This demo contained enough lyrically raw material that it garnered the attention of a few mid-level labels who offered publishing deals and management. This brings us to the year 2011, oh what a journey it has been, his career is really taking flight. He’s moving at jet speed into the future, going city to city, state-to-state, doing shows establishing a Movement and his reign as the ‘King of Creamville’. Mr. Joe Billionaire, along with Armored Truck Music / Rocc-Starr Entertainment, has embarked upon a new venture, establishing outlets and opportunities to stay in constant contact and to reach out to All of the fans. "If I knew what I know now then, you would do more than hate me. You would despise me, “Do You Hear Me???!!!™”

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