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SplitVision & GreatGrandpa are making music together by coincidence. Until june 2011 SplitVision had never sang officially. What happened was that she started to search her roots - and made a song about it - Identity. GreatGrandpa thought it should be recorded Now when the production has started, it is not to be stopped. New songs will be dished out in new releases every now and then during 2012 until CD release bef. the end of spring 2013 (working on the cover). The three first songs What Comes After Love? Identity and Human Race are remixed and will be exchange on all sites asap or the latest in August 2012. GreatGrandpa let SplitVisions' songs inspire him to set the backgrounds and music style. GreatGrandpa plays all the instruments, makes all the sounds and arrangements - except for the guest artists: Desmond Foster, ZilverZurf, Thomas Bardach, Ulf Lindén, Papa Puff and Jonahgold (DUB master). The music in this production is mixed by Jonahgold and Bosse Skoglund. Mastered by Classe Persson - CRP Recording Music, Lyrics & Vocal: Collette SplitVision Wijkander Every song on the CD "What's The Matter With U?" has it's own style and Voice - ReggaePop, BluesPop, Native, Punk, Grunge, New Orlean's, JazzReggae, BluegrassCalypso, SambaReggae, Ballad, DUB and more SplitVision is now ready for bookings. Contact on http://www.reverbnation/splitvisionandgreatgrandpa Love Peace & Happiness! Thank you Great Spirit! Radioplays etc SplitVision & GreatGrandpa has been on KarmaReggaeShow several times (Sponsored artist "New stars of 2012") and radioplay/interview Rick Busby ("They just blew me out") About the Artists: GreatGrandpa/Bosse Skoglund is a legendary drummer from Sweden You can also check out myspace for Bosse Skoglund is also a creative musician. He started off with a Jazz group 1951 and has since then been frequent on the music stage in different bands and music styles, all over Sweden. Some of the great bands and artists he has played with: Whisky Bottle Slickers, Monica Zetterlund, Peps Blodsband, Jukka Tolonen, Louisiana Red. He has experience from Blues - Reggae - Rock - World music and more. Now when he is not touring, playing the drums - he is producing music. Earlier on he produced a solo CD - Groovesopor - and after then, a few years ago, he made inLOve - SisterBlue CD with Lo Kivikas songs. SplitVision/Collette Wijkander has been writing songs all her life. She started playing the drums around 1992 with a hobby band "Split Vision" (the band has a long recess right now) They played heavy garage rock and blues - original music. Collette Wijkander wrote most of the lyrics and some music and played the drums.
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