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Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents: J-Dos - Monsters

Hosted By: Lil Fats

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Release Date: 4/7/2014

Rates: 21 Average: 4.05
Track List
  • 01. [Destruction] (Prod. by L.A. CHASE) (INTRO)
  • 02. No Sleep (Feat. Fronificient) (Prod. by Dopant Beats)
  • 03. King Or Pawn (Single)
  • 04. Ex's And Oh's (Prod. by KidTerrorBeatz)
  • 05. OAK (Feat. Comatose) (Prod. by L.A. CHASE)
  • 06. Talking Like Starters (Feat. KS Midas) (Prod. by Dopant Beats)
  • 07. Decemeber's Diary (Feat. KS Midas) (Prod. by Omito)
  • 08. Golden Prayer (Feat. KS Midas) (Prod. by Omito)
  • 09. Dynasty (Prod. by Heetz)
  • 10. Best of Me (Shine) (Feat. Fronificient) (Prod. by Dopant Beats)
  • 11. Success (OUTRO) (Feat. KS Midas) (Prod. by Omito)
  • 12. WET (Feat. KS Midas and Comatose) (Prod. by JBreez) (BONUS)
  • 13. SDR (Feat. Comotose, KS Midas) (Prod. by SoulMusikTrackz) (BONUS)

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