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Armed with a dynamic personality and infectious energy, DJ Ike G Da A.K.A The Carolina Trendsetter has been DJ'ing and entertaining for more than a decade. His cousins, DJ Tony Tone of San Francisco and DJ Thunder Child of Cincinnati, first inspired Ike G Da to DJ as they used his natural ability and attraction to music to draw him away from the streets. Legendary DJs Jam Master Jay, Grand Master Caz, Jazzy Jeff and DJ Scratch also influenced him. Since 1995, when he first began DJ'ing, Ike G Da has emerged as one of the Carolina's most sought after DJs working as the tour DJ for a host of artists including SRC/Universal artist Grandaddy Souf, DTP/Def Jam artist Small World Core Records Ray Rizzy and Mogul Group artist J Bully. He also put in work as an on-air personality and mixer for his own weekly radio show Trendsetter Radio on WCCG 104.5 in Fayetteville, North Carolina as well as a mixshow DJ for Core DJ Radio on Sirius Shade 45. Although Ike G Da is a gifted DJ and on-air personality, he is not limited to simply DJ'ing. He is the CEO of Tarheel Promotions and Marketing, a company that has a roster of past and present clients such as Jive Records, Roc A Fella, Loud, SRC/Universal and Paramount Films. As the Core DJ member continues to expand his reach in music and entertainment, he is simultaneously gaining increased recognition for his work and accomplishments. In 2008, Ike G Da was voted North Carolina's DJ of the Year for The Carolina Music Awards; and received the Core DJ's Jam Master Jay Award; In 2009 he received the 2009 North Carolina Underground Music Awards for "Radio DJ of the Year." And the 2009 SMES Bridging The Gap Award. DJ Ike G Da's passion and drive have contributed to his longevity in the music industry and will continue to serve him as he prepares for another 15 years of doing what he loves.

DJ IKE G DA Mixtapes

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DJ IKE G DA Presents: Blend Brothers Vol. 1 (DJ Ike G Da, DJ Izzy Nice, DJ Lil Bee and DJ Etc )
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DJ IKE G DA Presents: Carolina Aint Enough