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Samar is a rapper from Minneapolis by way of Syracuse, N.Y. with a unique rap style, and has a deep passion for the culture of hip hop. Some of His influences are Nas, Jay-z, Biggie, 2pac and the list goes on. Samar beleives that music is a universal language that all people can understand, he does hip hop music for all ages, he created a Early Childhood Development CD titled Mr. Bus Driver in the group 1306. The songs promoted bus saftey, graduating, and anti-bullying. The song Mr. Bus Driver was featured on Radio Disney. He also created a mixtape titled Purple Pain, where he delivers metaphores and catchy hooks that gives a good balance for the hip hop listeners, his goal is to prove that lyrics still matter in hip hop. Living in the Midwest, East Coast, and West Coast has made Samar a well rounded MC who can adapt to any style of beat no matter it's regional sound. A universal MC is what Samar is, the love for hip hop is what keeps him pushing to create the best quality of art to his abilities.

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