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David Chronister, AKA Spoken Thought, is a beat maker and musician from Topeka, KS. He's been labeled a top 50-indie artists by Coast2Coast Instrumentals. Because of his ability to be able to compose all aspects of his music (from vocal hooks to bass, piano, drums) he has been able to find his own unique style while keeping his music under the radar of mainstream hip-hop. Spoken Thought's debut album "Got Thought" launched the producer into the Hip-Hop arena. Although he wasn't known for his emcee capabilities, many people liked the unorthodox style. Spoken Thought talks about this in the interview: "I rapped over my beats because no one really knew me and I figured that was the best way of getting my music heard". He pushed out a second album in 2012 called "Brain Food". Brain Food was a departure from his debut and got mixed reviews. Brain Food infused Jazz, R&B, and Funk and less sampling. After "Brain Food", Spoken Thought focused mainly on producing and making beats. His last emcee album "Best Of" was a mixture of tracks between his 2 previous albums and some unreleased material. In 2013, Spoken Thought released his first official beat album on iTunes. It was a risky idea because he knew it wouldn't get nearly the amount of attention that it would have if someone laid vocals and rapped over it. However, the beat album was a chance for Spoken Thought to flex his composition muscle. "Beats For Traveling" ended up becoming one of his signature albums! People really liked the old school feel mixed with today’s Hip-Hop senses. Spoken Thought released several free instrumental albums from 2013-14 including "Industry Instrumentals", "Beat Essentials", "Dilla Influenced Beats", and "Loopers". Although he didn't push these albums out through iTunes, they ended up giving Spoken Thought quite a local buzz! 2014 also saw Spoken submitting his beats to many different competitions getting runner-ups and first place. Over the summer of 2014, Spoken Thought created a website where people can go to lease his beats. He has over 100 beats, some with hooks, ready for artists to use for albums or singles! Spoken Thought currently lives in Lawrence, KS where he is working with musicians, DJ's, emcees, and singers to help get their music out there. If you have a question for Spoken Thought, please direct it to:!

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