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Studies: Conservatory Electric Organ in Maastricht - the Netherlands Conservatory Trombone Jazz ('Light Music') with Bart van Lier in Hilversum - the Netherlands Teacher Spanish second grade Fontys Hogeschool (University) Tilburg. Trombone player (tenor and bass), organist, arranger and director, studiomusician. Teacher Jazz Trombone y Caribbean Music at Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico 2006-2007, Jazz Combos. Three courses at the Interamericana University : History of Puerto Rico ( A) , History of the United States (A) , Special Educacation for the Exceptional Child (A) May played in twenty seven countries (from Holland: The Cubop City Big Band; from Surinam/Holanda: Ronald Snijders Extended Band; from Puerto Rico: Elías Lopés, Plena Libre, Eddie Santiago; in Curaçao: the Festival di Tumba, Jazz Festival, and many more) She gave workshops and lectures in the Caribbean, the United States, Europe and South Africa. May is a correspondent for representing Puerto Rico and the music of Curaçao, and a reviewer for the Antillean Newspaper. Summer 2009 her book Música Maestra 'brieven uit San Juan' (letters of San Juan) appeared. June 2013 her CD Tributo de Tambor y Trombón en Clave de Mujer Boricua arranged and produced by Eric Figueroa has been released. It is nominated on # 9 by the Fundación para la Cultura Popular on the Top 20 Best Albums of 2013 of Puerto Rico. Eversince she presents this program on the different venues on Puerto Rico ( Ventana al Jazz Fest etc) Visit:

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