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Mark Stowe is a Texas Guitar Player with a blues rock playing style that is highlighted by his intense and manic technique. With a wide range of influences from bluegrass, rock, country and the blues, Mark often features the use of homemade instruments in his music... including 3 and 4 string Cigar Box Guitars and Cookie Tin Mutant Banjos. He was included on the 2014 CD release "Guitar Wizards Vol. 1 & 2" with his guitar solo "Hemingway" which was played on a homemade 3 string Cigar Box Guitar. On "Roadside Maniac" Mark features his '75 Strat with a humble tip of his hat to his guitar heroes. "Roadside Maniac" is a guitar instrumental journey along the highway where surf rock crashes right into hard rocking Texas blues with the freedom and joy of garage rock.

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