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Artist, producer and engineer for B.E.B Ent. FANTUM started his own Independent label back in 2008. Fantum while been an artist since 1993 and started building his own studio in the year of 2001. Due to Fantum experiences with major recording artist such as: Wyclef and Reptyle, at Booga Basement Studio in Jersey. Throughout Fantum's journey, he gets a call from Sony Records. A deal was offered to Fantum but which would change his appearance; Fantum turned the deal down to maintain his character. It came to realization that the management that Fantum did business with could not pull their own weight therefore; it was time to part ways. Fantum's journey had became a learning experience that lead him to be wiser by making his own connect with other producers from Long Island New York, to Croatia Europe. Fantum became his own manager to his own product; Bang'em Beats Ent. B.E.B Ent. is now a full functioning independent label with hands on materials and media promotion needed to develop an artist career. Bang'em Beats Studio has worked with multiple artist in the New York City reas, in whom he managed. Fantum continue to pursue his dream and passion by collaborating with other artists in Croatia Europe, Virginia, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego California and in Paris France. Fantum's Bang'Em Beats Ent./Production is not only limited to Hip Hop he has also produced R&B, Hardcore rap, Crunk music, Pop music, Reggae and Techno music. Fantum is a multi talented business man and an asset to any company, group or artist he ventures with. Throughout Fantum's grind, he prefers to release albums, singles instead of mix tapes. Fantum as currently just release a new single called "007" produced by Traxx1st. Production in whom they teamed up to make it happen. "007" is now available for download on as of August 9th, 2014 with a collaborated team Traxx1st. Production. Fantum is currently on his 3rd. album called 'RUDE WAKENING'; with previous albums named 'Crunch Time' and 'Hustle Hard'.Fantum is still an artist before being a producer so he still works with a couple of producers while he continues his journey as an artist. We can all agree that Fantum has paid his dues to Hip Hop, for example he as produced, engineer music and produce videos to help others reach their goal. Next single to be released in the very near future will be " FREAKY GIRL" , I WANNA ROCK NOW" and stay tuned in for the " RUDE AWAKENING" album. RECENT WORK: 2013-2014 FANTUM'S MUSIC was aired every week on a Internet Radio called Plugme Radio in whom Fantum sponsored that show every week in order to get his music aired on a weekly basis. 2014 Mix tape titled "WINTER SEASON MIX TAPE: released out in EUROPE music collaborated with BRC & FANTUM which was downloaded 15,000 in just days. ALL MUSIC VIDEO'S ARE DIRECTED BY FANTUM AS WELL WITH THE EDITING OF HIS OWN MUSIC VIDEO. 2014 MUSIC VIDEO: "GamE and hUstlE" released June 2014 2014 Music video: "GOTTA LIVE" 2014 Music video: "F**K EVERYTHING" 2014 COLLABORATED with: WITHOUT WARNING RECORD by producing a track called " Without Warning on their mix tape. 2014 Collaborated with: NEW LANE ENT. lebel whom produced track called " THIS ISH RIGHT HERE" and " BULLY THEM". 2013 Mix tape titled "STILL SMOKING AND RAPPING: released out in EUROPE music collaborated with BRC who as been a great supporter of FANTUM since day and THE DOWNLOAD IN ONE WEEK was 10,000 at the time of release. CURRENTLY : working with TRAXX 1ST. PRODUCTION in collaboration and released a single called "007" and a few more project in the works and soon to be release on CDBABY.COM. 2007-2013 TV appearance on PlugmeTV by being a Co-host and connecting with other artist and producers while I conducted a " ARTIST & PRODUCERS FORUM" while I sat on side of the host herself Cometessa of PlugmeTV & PlugmeRadio. Which allowed me to do a lot more in the New York City & Philly areas.

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