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Tristan Shillingford ?.K.A TriSzy, was born on the 17th of Jan, in Brooklyn, (U.S) but raised in his parents' birth place in the Caribbean called Dominica; where he obtained both a primary and secondary education. Tristan is one of many young and talented upcoming artists; one who is destined and determined to make a mark and a name for himself. The genres of music which he favors are RnB & Rap, but has an open mind to others. He represents The Mix Breed (T.M.B) along with other loyal artists who rep the same. This crew started from randomly writing down lyrics as the words came to their minds. "We continued page after page in 2006 which is now developed into expressing our love for music by recording them and making our own music during our high school days," says TriSzy. Music is basically a drug for TriSzy, and "it's an addiction," as he expresses it... Yes TriSzy has had to focus on school, but he just could not resist the studio which he called "Self Abuse". The Mix Breed released their first mix tape in 2011 named "862" which featured crew members: Kharlen, Junior-G, Skibo, Deezy, Scow, Adri, and Kiesha. Furthermore, they produced the song BMF (Blowing Money Fast), which emerged into a major hit. TriSzy is inspired by many famous artists such as Cassidy, SnoopDogg, Fabulous, Wiz Khalifa , Farell, and many more. Tristan believes that music will always be a "part" of him because of the fame and the money seen ahead which will in turn lead to respect and status as he sees it. In the upcoming years, he expects to be far more involved in the music industry than he is now. When TriSzy was asked, "What if you make it, how would you feel about retaining all that fame and what would you do from there?" He followed up with 8 words: "The Mix Breed moving forward never looking back," which is quoted from a song "Never Look Behind" by one of his fellow breeds Junior G.

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