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BIOGRAPHY "I feel like I am one out of a million.” Kaseeno™ was born in Santo Domingo de Guzmán, capital city of the Dominican Republic. His mother, and father, would often discover their son in a solitude of self-expression. An introspective journey consisting of abstract drawings and the mimicking of any sound he would hear. At a very young age, his family arrived to the United States. They first settled in the New York borough of Queens moving later to the Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem; the birthplace of several artistic and professional works. Although, conducive to the development of his talent, here he was faced with many challenges. “I spent most of my childhood living through the colors in my head.” Having submitted an impressive portfolio for their consideration, the LaGuardia School of the Arts extended him an invitation to their center for gifted youths exhibiting a command of artistic skills. Using several mediums – acrylics, chalk, charcoal, and pastels – he was able to express himself to others through art despite the language barrier. It wasn’t so much the subject matter but, more so the textures, colors and emotions that made his creations truly unique. Little did he know music would soon become his new canvas. In 2004, Kaseeno’s life took an unexpected turn when he traveled to Miami, Florida for a two-week vacation. When his trip concluded, he decided to stay in South Beach to pursue his music career. Although, he experienced difficulty adjusting to this new environment, he was unaware of the amount of success he would reach resulting from this sporadic decision. Removed from the familiar to the foreign, Kaseeno was obligated to focus his attention to what he truly wanted out of life…music.
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Kaseeno's "So Avant Garde" EP Cover Art

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