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What most artist would of thought was career ending 1Dah saw as a small hurdle in his career. The Roselle New Jersey native came up in the middle of the Hip Hop boom, and fell right in line always seeing rap as a hobby instead of a career. With the help of a close friend 1Dah put the sports aside and picked up the pen fulltime. After years of hard work and consistant grinding, 1Dah was offered a recording contract with Sony Records in 2005. In a unpleasant twist 1Dah was also offered a 5 year prison term, putting a pause on his rise to stardom. After completing his 4 year 3 month stint 1Dah returned home in regular form delivering his comeback Mixtapes (Powershift-2009) in little over a month. With no plans of slowing down 1Dah delivered 4 more mixtapes in his first 24 months home. After releasing Man on Fire in February Of 2011, 1Dah turned his focus to completing his debut EP Days Of My Life. Even with the big success of his Days Of My Life EP, it was big enough for 1Dah. Riding the success and fueled off the mistakes made 1Dah is planning a bright future. Simply stated "I expect the best and will settle for nothing less" says 1Dah.
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