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Listening to branded experimental hip-hop artist Revolution Zo, you can hear ingredients of 21st century surrealism, addictive personification, and pure creativity throughout his recent works. This has brought a much needed unique and fresh sound to this congested era of music – no question this newly-bred artist is being considered to be a major competitor in breakthrough talent. As a native from Winston-Salem, NC, he began discovering a passion for music composing instrumentals for local hometown artists for profit. It wasn’t until later that he acquired a taste for songwriting and started works on a anticipated album. Familiarizing himself with aspects of the music scene and networking he made a decision to relocate to Nashville, TN to be closer to a vast and diverse music culture. “Strange Thangs” has since been the first released single from the artist and has received a great amount of exposure through several reviews, social media sites and radio play. Revolution Zo has continued to gain fans attention, dropping new material on his official website and keeping enthusiasts updated on the fully independent release of an album in early 2015,

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