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When people think of Illinois they tend to think of Chicago and the areas surrounding it. What they fail to realize is that there is a Southern Illinois. James F. Davis III AKA DottSoILL is a 22 year old rising artist from untouched southern half of Illinois. Dott, a name given by his older brother and his peers and SoILL to pay homage to his homeland. DottSoILL grew up in Cairo, Illinois, a impoverished town known for racism, mob ties that dates back into the Al Capone era and once a lavish nightlife. Cairo is located on the very tip of Illinois between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, thus, giving it the nickname "The Gateway to The South". Dott was exposed to hardships of life growing up in Cairo. Drugs, gambling and other crimes were the norm in a town that has lost many businesses and after school programs for the youth. DottSoILL''s father, James Davis Jr. is a local musical legend who directed one of the best marching bands in the state throughout his teaching career before retiring. His father has also been known to play various instruments with ease. Growing up in a household full of music such as No Limit Records, Outkast, Nas, 2pac, Notorious BIG, Rakim, NWA, as well as Motown, 80''s and 90''s R&B music it was not hard to resist the temptation of making his own music. Dott wrote his first rap in 2001 after watching the video "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz and was fascinated by the art. In 2008 at age 16 he released his first demo "The Ghost in the Room Mixtape" with his childhood friends with a homemade studio using Fruity Loops Studio. Since then he has built a real studio, learned the crafts of recording and production and now prepares to release new music. His goal is to be a storyteller through music and bring peace.

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