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Incorporating styles such as rap, hip-hop, and even techno, Retrofuture is sure to have something that you will find yourself enjoying. As college students themselves, Retrofuture aims to reach out to their fellow peers at universities across the nation who can relate to them in both musical taste and in understanding the deeper meaning found behind their thoughtful lyrics. Needless to say though that Retrofuture hopes that everyone can enjoy their music in their own unique way. As a group that has now just begun to spread its wings, Retrofuture seeks every opportunity it can to bring its musical style to people everywhere, whether it be through a sold out concert or a small charity benefit. The band now known as Retrofuture originated as a part-time collaboration between long-time friends Seby Zabala and Alan Sadler. Initially known as MTVeins, Alan Sadler has an extensive amount of experience in crafting poetic lyrics over almost any beat he could get his hands on. It was his expertise in doing so that provoked fellow group member, Seby Zabala, an ambitious individual who could be found constantly experimenting with the finer details of various, diverse beats himself, to offer his abilities in a joint music venture. The collaboration started as a side hobby for the two to enjoy during their down time, with the two often times laughing and cracking jokes over beats in a laid back, relaxed tone. As time went on though, the devotion that the two shared towards their project became ever greater, and the two artists began to share aspirations of one day becoming internationally acclaimed artists, having their work serve as an example to all of music perfected. It is much more than common these days to find the duo hard at work in a serious manner to produce their next great hit for their eager and anxious audience. Once held back by the restraints of high school life, the two have now taken off full speed for future stardom. Utilizing their natural talents and the aid of many of their close friends, Retrofuture has set itself on a course for future prestige and promise.

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