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Originally from Tulsa, OK (the original Black Wallstreet- singer/songwriter Sincere Grant has become a much needed new face in the great universe of the music industry. From singing since a child in the church youth chorus, to writing small poems, to recording in college dorm closet studios, to performing in night clubs- Sincere Grant has proved himself on stage after stage to be clearly ahead of his timeline. Lady-heart throb of r&b, soul, neo-soul, hip-hop, pop, and blues to alternative.....from singles to albums, to mixtapes, to documentaries-- HE''''''''''''''''S GOT IT ALL!!! A well-rounded recording artist as well as timeless lyricist, Sincere Grant is only at home away from home in the studio, and with ever-satisfied fans with a constant hunger for more, he loves nothing more(except his fans) than a worthy challenge. Entering the stage scene opening for recording artists like Nappy Roots, Bobby Valentino, The Dream, and etc, Sincere Grant stays energetically, stage-ready! Always staying heavily personable to his fans, and naturally having excellent stage presence while interacting with the crowd, any fan that has seen his performance live will tell you that he truly is a performer all his own. WWW.RMIMUSICGROUP.COM

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