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Blak Mexxiah was one of young poet singers of the late '90 debuting with a series of popular live performances with the Kete Warrior in UK, Europe and America. In the late 90s, a friend took Black Mexxiah to see the legendary Mac Tontoh (a great international afro music icon and a member of Osibisa Band whom he had heard of many years) who handpicked him to play Afro Jazz music with him. Black Mexxiah presented his first big show at the Pan African Festival (PANAFEST), the first African Home and Abroad Emancipation Day in 2000. They (Kete Warriors) played alongside with Sharon Karts from South Africa and the world acclaimed OSIBISA. In 2000, Kete Warriors began the Mac Tontoh Project UK Tour 2000 which was managed and funded by Amanas Music records, and local representatives like the North-Folk Council in the UK that ended up in USA (they toured almost all the states). ?It was a nice and historic one for me because it was like a trail for me on the Mac Tontoh Project UK,? he said. During the tour, he attended workshops with their UK partners that he met there. He also found out that musicians there took their music serious. They toured many theatres and had radio and TV interviews on BBC and World Net. Black Mexxiah?s poetic nature led to the acquisition of the name - "Black Messiah" (a name given to him by a Jamaican woman who claimed he was very conscious when it comes to matters of consciousness). His string of performances over the last few years abroad has been unprecedented in Reggae music world. Black Mexxiah as a young reggae artiste is modest in his achievements and gives credit and respect to his long time ?old man?, Mac Tontoh, who he cites as, 'been helpful in his life.his Label Jahta yard records , Jahta dreadluv (JDM),Jahtaman(JYR) and scott Jacoby of the eusonia records .... Blak could be emailed at & and can be phoned on +233542600214 & +233243823244
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