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Roshawn Mclaughlin aka Benjamin Stacking was born and raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, he has lived out in Queens and even Yonkers taking with him different ways and aspects on life. Roshawn started setting up his blueprint for his future at the age of seven by winning first prize in a statewide poetry contest. By age ten he returned to Brooklyn during the time of Notorious B.I.G's rain in Hip Hop. He then began to DJ at age twelve at a Masonic Temple with his uncle attended, giving him an outlet to develop a talent as well as inhale the rhythms, harmonies and lyrics of artist he spun on the turn tables. Benjamin knew then he wanted to express himself musical so he engulfed himself with the sounds of Hip-Hop such as Whodini, MC Gruff, Big L, Big Pun and of course Jay Z and Biggie. Roshawn did what all investors do before they jump into a new venture; he researched, he educated himself on the industry and kept his ear to the street in order to produce a product that the hood would never refuse. "Stacking Benjamin's". Writing rhymes started soon after the DJ'ing, his first full song was titled "Lawless and Flawless". He performed it at a talent show that was hosted by the legendary DJ Craig; he came in second place that night to a group of dancers. DJ Craig advised him to continue writing, to work on his stage presents and stay dedicated, at the next talent show he won 1st place. The gaining of respect from his peers helped him acquire more confidence within his craft which became more relevant with each performance. On August 18, 2002 after a show at a Brooklyn Night Club, Benjamin Stacking was shot 4 times landing in the hospital for 24 days. Physical Therapy was prescribed for a few months to help him rehabilitate but his mental rehabilitation came through his lyrics. Benjamin Stacking was given a second chance at life so he gave birth to a new him

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