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Bawn a Manila, Grown a California, and Bred by Jamaica- Moiika the Rap Artist, Dancer Extraordinaire, Fierce Model, and Sports and Entertainment appending Lawyer is a WRECKING BALL. She has stunned many crowds of many cultures with her Swaggerella, El Manila Swaggerollacosta, through performances unparalleled, creative lyrics, and matchless style. A uncategorizable female artist that vocalizes as well as she lyricizes, dances aswell as she looks and a master of public relations. Moiika's music and style are captivating, appealing and representative of people of many cultures. THERE HAS BEEN NONE LIKE HER. But the wait is over, ready or not Millpiece deh deh- Moiika has arrived. Moiika: Di Millpiece: Mz. Swaggerella (the unstoppable Trio) Moiika has proven by recognition, acknowledgments and titles to own and execute what a “triple threat” truly embodies. Dancehall/Reggae, Pop, Hip-hop/Rap, Dancer, Model, Motivational Speaker, Writer Triple threat is an understatement; she is simply THEE THREAT! "Don't make excuses, make progress" Moiika
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