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Capeesh is an up and coming Rap/Hip-Hop artist born and raised in Harrsiburg PA. He never intended to become a rapper. Capeesh first decided to start rhyming at the age of 12. After battling up enough self confidence, Capeesh decided he wanted to do something with the talent that he had discovered. Over 10 years later, Capeesh is still at it. His focus is making Rap/Hip-Hop for a scene of people who may not be able to relate to the current mainstream artists. Capeesh offers intense wordplay and rhyme schemes stacked upon a clever flow and versatile delivery. He has an impressive track record and has been on radio stations worldwide. He has done shows all over his local scene as well as many other Hip Hop scenes. He hopes to make it in mainstream music and show people a new face of Rap music. Follow him on his journey to the top and support his movement for the hope of a better future in this genre of music!
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