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Chuck Die$el, born Charles Wright, has been writing and rapping since the age of ten. Chuck Die$el received a boom box as a gift from his mother which he used to tune into Cleveland 107.9, and after that it was a rare occasion to spot him anywhere but next to the radio. In Middle School the young artist was known to bury his head in his notebook during class writing lyrics and walk around the halls rapping. He spent hours with his older cousins having free style rap battles in the laundry mat of his grandmas apartment complex. At the age of 13, he recorded his first song, All About My Cake, with a rough Lil Wayne sample. Once he reached college, he knew he was on to something important by the cheers of friends and the requests for new songs. He then decided to start recording songs professionally with multi-platinum engineers and producers, always remembering to keep it real in a world full of lies.
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Field Dreams
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