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Frank White is a american born rapper out of Springfield MA. Since 2001, Frank has been working hard in the hip hop scene locally and nationally. His first mild success was found with his group Kin Dread with former partner Sicarii, with several CD's released and performances with 7L & Esoteric, Jus Allah (of Jedi Mind Tricks), Virtuoso, and many more! His track off their last project "Field of Dreams" (dedicated to Springfield, MA) blew up quickly and was adorned as his home city's anthem. In 2008, Kin Dread went their seperate ways and Frank had to basically start his career from the ground up. This did not stop him in the slightest and since then, he has been on the up and up. In 2009, he co-found Black Book Inc with GoldenBoy, Era, and Genesis and launched his first solo LP with newly found label, titled "The Frank White LP" which sold thousands of copies world wide. He has become known for his crazy punch-lines and metaphors, verbal versatility, multi-syllabic wordplay, and his very distinguished voice. He has performed with Nas, Red Cafe, Fat Man Scoop, Slaine, Fear Nuttin Band, Edo.G, Reks, and tons more. His goal is simple; to merge his raw lyrics and versatility with hard hitting mainstream styled beats and finally bring the underground back to the surface to usher in a new era of hip hop.

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