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Cherry Pill is a metaphor for life - the sweet and joyful mix with the bitter moments to create a rich experience full of twists and turns. It is a band for sophisticated music lovers who appreciate music that tells a story. Listeners are transported into a variety of musical moments and moods, ranging from the upbeat and optimistic to the broodingly contemplative, and everything in between. Thoughtful lyrics and sweet vocal harmonies are underpinned by the soaring melodies of Kristel Birkholtz's classically-trained violin playing, Rory Gaddin's blues and rock-infused guitar licks, the funky, punchy rhythms of Thabang Malete on bass, the soulful, harmonically-rich keys and piano of Tshepo Monareng, and the dynamic, powerhouse drum grooves of Warren Knocker. All of these elements combine to create a new sound which is at once recognizable and engaging, yet able to push boundaries and explore a vast musical landscape which both draws on and reinvents various genres. The band is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and showcases the original songs of Kristel Birkholtz and Rory Gaddin. - See more at:
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