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12/8/2015 Dear UNIVERSE, I am Mink Da Jedi a member of the group Macadacius! I know you are expecting Vicious Assassin only but there is three of us in the group. He forgets he is not a solo artist! Ha ha we all want this lime light! (Mink Da Jedi on youtube) About me: Mink Da Jedi, age 77 (fictional character) comedian, rapper (wanna be) singer, actor and poet! Verse Venom, age 11 (leader of Macadacius) is a vocalist: rapper and singer. Vicious Assassin, age 34 (the M.J. of the group) everybody thinks he’s solo. All the ladies love Vicious Assassin, hip hop artist want to be him or roll with him. Stop kissing up to him people, what about us?!? His real name is Dally Joachim a square. The only sin he commits is loving adult women. That’s not a hip hop artist! Clean no record no arrest, not even a traffic ticket. No tatts, no murders, single dad who takes care of his son, no smoking not even weed, no cursing, follower of Jesus Christ! He turned down millions plus a full scholarship to go to one of the biggest University film schools in the world. Located in San Francisco California, he turned it down because his personal morals did not match... Not a hip hop artist a saint maybe but not an artist! He’s a security officer like Ricky Rosae.. Pick me instead people Mink Da Jedi I’m only 77! January 2015 we formed the group Macadacius and decided to make me Mink pay for everything. The ladies love the 11 year old Verse Venom. (Oh he is so cute, the band leader… blab la bla) Nonsense! No one likes me! We are about to record the songs (I’m Fire and Gewy Like A Marshmallow)! The cd will have 15 tracks, intro-outro and “five comedy skits with me Mink Da Jedi”! Future plans: 1st Macadacius title (Macadacious!) 2nd Verse Venom solo cd (no title yet) 3rd Macadacius title (Spitten~Fire / Untouchable) 4th Macadacius title (Lyric Blaze) 5th Verse Venom & Mink Da Jedi title (no title yet) 6th Macadacius title (God, Sex & Evil) movie & soundtrack 7th Dally Joachim title (Dally A. Joachim) double cd Written one thousand songs from age nine, two of my songs stolen and is on the radio now! (Yes they are copyrighted) Written poetry, movies and everything you can imagine. I will put many of my first songs that I wrote as a kid on this cd and I will also cover some songs from some of my favorite artist! Comedy (skits) from Mink Da Jedi and Verse Venom will be featuring! This will also be my documentary soundtrack, “Gracesily Civil” title after my grandmother. Jesus Bless and this the jaja dance… jajaja --ja ja ja…….. this Mink Da Jedi Warm regards, Dally Joachim

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