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Known as"Da?Lord?High"to those english speaking fans,and"El?Sr.De Los Cielos" to those who only speak spanish Felipe de Jesus Martinez Gurrola has a fanbase out of both Mexico,and the U.S.Known for his "Blunt"and "Upfront" ways of getting points accross in his music he has been in the music industry since Nov.23,2013 when the release of his first albulm"La Masacre de Noviembre"(The November Massacre)took place.He likes to call his style and preference of music "Mobstarz" music,and most of his songs in both lenguages speak just about that,life from the point of view of a Mobster.Humble,helpful,self-confident,outgoing and an old fashioned passionate,here is "Da?Lord?High"(El?Sr.De Los Cielos)

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