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The game saw a new style way ahead of its time. In the early 90's he brought down the streets with a commanding flo and swagger beyond its grasp. By the late 1990's he became a household name for aspiring artists. His name : Black Moses, born Junathan Moses Mc Neil is a native of Queens New York. At the age of ten, the soon to be lyrical menace moved to Spring Valley, New York. Once here, he developed the art of rhyming. A skill trademarked for success, as duly noted from inital mixtape launches. His age 17. His thuggish life style and incriminating records sustained the very talented rapper from flourishing his skills. Involved in the wrong activities as a young buck, he has many stories to tell he starts off with a new Mixtape 'Black Moses, Street war prophet. Hosted by the popular Petey-Pete. Black Moses The BM says after being asked 'how do you feel about making it to the top?' With many mouths to feed, he understands the hard work and dedication is worth it when you make it to the top. Back on his feet again, 2007 was the year for awakening as Black Moses hit the mixtape circuit on Vol. 1 threw Vol. 10 with 50 MICS mixtapes for nation wide exposure. Featured on the Hip Hop Uncensored DVD available for purchase. His cool poetic and to the point style of rapping emerges from intelligence, experience, and charisma. The selection of words used to deliver the message is purely intelligent. Exact detailed description of events mentioned in his songs could only come from experience. And his delivery to the beat through punch line K.Os could only be explained from his his charisma to the game. Check the BM out at for more on his press kit
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