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Im Jola. Im 20. I Love Music. I Was Born On January 31st 1989. Im From Dayton, OH. I Moved To The A in 04'. Moved Back In 06'. Graduated In 07' & Moved To Miami A Week After Graduation. I Know Right, Lucky Me. I Have 3 Main Broducers. I know. I Spelled Broducers. We Go Deeper Than Rap. Leo, Superstar O & J Durr. They My Brothers & They Jus So Happen To Make Beats. LoL. Im Cool Wit Everybody. But Dont Really F*cks Wit 2 Many. Music Is My Life. Im Not In School. But Love The College Lifestyle. I Dont Sleep. IGrind. ISwag. IClown. I Shoot Funny Ass Blogs To Showcase Who I Am As A Person. Hate Me Or Love Me, Pick One And Keep It Move'N. I Write Hit Records. Im Unsigned. I Am The Future. Trust Me. Im Very Confident. Very Humble. & Very OutGoing. I love My Parents. My Dad Is My Biggest Fan. Im My Moms Only Son. I Dont Do Drugs. Except Love. Get High Or Get Hurt. I Love Hanes White T Shirts From WalMart. They Fit Perfectly. I Rock Dunks, Chucks,Vans & J's. I Love A New Cincinnati Fitted Hat. I Hate Baggy Clothes. I Hate Liers. I Love Say'N "U Hear Me" After Everything I Say. U Hear Me. I Hate Girls That Look Good But Have No Personality. I Love Sexy Feet On A Women. I Love My Family & Last But Damn Sho Not Least, I Love Me...Y??... "Cause Everything Im Not, Made Me Everything I Am"

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