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Broadway Bisc is of Dominican and African-American descent. He grew up on Bryant Ave in Hunts Point neighborhood of Bronx, New York. His eyes opened to music at the age of 11, Watching his older brother Gerald Pratt (G-Staxx) and older cousin Edward Smith (E-Flamez) Dj in the bedroom. His older Brother Staxx was a well-known rapper around the neighborhood. So he would mock his brothers rap lyrics to himself in the mirror, In 2003 his brother and a group of friends released a mix-tape called The Movement and it would change Broadway's life forever. At the age of 16 he formed a group named F.Y.B (Frontine Young Bucks) that's consisted of childhood friend. The group was short-lived, so Broadway took his career solo at the age of 18 where he begin paying for his own studio time. He started taking his craft a lot more seriously. He caught a little buzz in his area of the Bronx where he saw that people other than his family believed in Him. So at the age of 21 he started doing shows and traveling getting paid, he also dropped his first mix-tape on called Don't Sweat MyFresh. He chose that name because the people in his neighborhood always said what up "Fly Guy". Sense that first mix-tape he has been all over the internet, doing countless features and networking. He's dropped a second installment to this Don't Sweat My Fresh series and has sold countless copies all over. At the age of 25 his career is really taking off and it is a matter of time before Broadway Bisc is really shining bright like the Broadway Strip.

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