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Sometimes people would ask me to take breaks, but i could'nt. I loved the feeling of controlling the crowd. Making them, dance, cry, or whatever the case. WIth all the bad that was going on in my life, I turned to writing ryhmes to clear my head. Throughout the years my skills have improved. My word play and vocab is at its heights. Feb 22,2010, My grandfather passed on to a better place. Before moving to the NC from BPT,he had kidney failure and had to take dyalisis. To get away and improve, after my junior year i soon followed. Before his death I was very busy trying to peace my life back together from what damage I did to it. Finally finished High School, and after I attended Barber School and got my Barbers License. But it still didnt feel right. My grandfather wanted me to keep cutting, so i did. His recent passing has put me somewhere I dont think I want to be. Im still tryning to pull everything together. The only thing I always seem to think of that I would Be happy doing is MUSIC. My goal, even with everything else going on, was to get a Deal and appear on BET just to watch my grandparents reaction. He's gone , but, the other half of my goal is still kicking. My beautiful Grandmother. They both are big fans of BET, and not just on Sunday's. So with this brief bio, I hope you can at LEAST consider me as the next best thing in Hip_Hop. I have a whole City and State that I know will be behind me.. I just need some help from the big boys. I just got my own Recording Set up,but its kind of hard proceeding without and engineer. I have tracks at other people studio that just keep holding it. I want to make this my LIFE, MY JOB, what I Prey for, and the only the I live for.Please, help me with the process,. YUNG HOFF
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Yung Hoff
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Bridge-City Ent.

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