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Randolph aKa Randy aKa B James aKa J Buggie aKa Buggie B Born Randolph Gardner, on February 14, 1989 in Providence, Rhode Island, Buggie Mongotti entered the world. Despite, Rhode Island being his birthplace, Buggie Mongotti was primarily raised in Clayton County, Georgia. This is where in 2004, him and a couple other artists decided to create a musical organization dubbed “the Dysfunctional Family”. Through mixtapes and extensive internet networking Buggie Mongotti labored diligently to build a name for “the Dysfunctional Family”. However, in 2007, Buggie Mongotti decided to peruse a more non-traditional form of education. Leaving his regular high school and transitioning to another state, Buggie Mongotti obtained his high school diploma from an alternative institution. While, finishing up his high school diploma, Buggie Mongotti used his location as an opportunity to gain more exposure for “Dysfunctional Family”. The Montgomery, Alabama area welcomed him and Buggie Mongotti continuously networked while there. In 2007, Buggie Mongotti completed his first mixtape, “Presidential Address”. Despite, his dogged pursuits to promote “Dysfunctional Family”, his partners were not exerting the same amount of effort. Yet, Buggie Mongotti did not allow their limited participation to discourage his ambition to push “Dysfunctional Family” forward. In 2008, Buggie Mongotti continued to establish a name for himself by not only rapping, but as a comedian, producer, and writer. “Streets 2 Industry” became the second mixtape that Buggie Mongotti released in 2008 with another artist. However, due to promotion issues Buggie Mongotti was forced to not support that particular project. So, in late 2008 Buggie Mongotti created and released another mixtape and brand named “Outbreak Music”; which helped launch him to a whole different level. “Outbreak Music” was an internet mixtape promotional brand constructed to push his music further. So, in 2010 and after six years of Buggie Mongotti musical pursuits, he was discovered by Montana Tripp Da Moss of Ds Trini EnT. Now with a new partnership Buggie Mongotti is constantly making big moves to accomplish his musical aspirations. Some might make the comment that Buggie Mongotti is on the come up quick. However, to those people who know him this is the success he has been chasing since 15. With his creativity and imagination, Buggie Mongotti will not only make hits, but he has a wonderful way of appealing to his fans. His creations bring an excellent combination of new and old school mood to the game. On various occasions, Buggie Mongotti has proven his ability to rock a crowd. Even being a man of his size, you cannot fight the feeling to love, embrace, and appreciate the creative genius of Buggie Mongotti for contact:
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Buggie Mongotti

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