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BabsB is originally a third generation djembe drummer from Senegal, West Africa. For ten years Babs played bass, doungdoung, in the group Africa Djembe Junior on his home island Goree- a 20 minute ferry ride off the coast from the capital of Dakar. Goree island has a richly horrific history, as it was from here slaves were shipped to the new world. Its history and infamous slave house museum with the “door of no return” brings thousands of tourists daily to the tiny island.Africa Djembe Junior was the band to perform for and teach the visitors of the island. Some of those visitors include many big names and diplomats from around the world, including presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush! They gave groups from around the world workshops and lessons in the traditional rhythms. Babs from a very young age always loved music technology and making beats and with limited means played around and practiced with various programs he could gain access to, though it wasn’t until he made it to the U.S. he was able to study music technology/production in college and gain the access and knowledge he needed to use the professional programs and equipment. He now produces straight out of his home studio as BabsBeatProductions making instrumental beats with a very unique sound, they cannot be put in any genre specifically, a sort of fusion of hip hop, pop, reggae and world styles.
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