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In a world where no fucks are to be given, and no chill is to be had, there's Kurt Devino and Reny Rad.....The Others.  "Others" is a group based in Philadelphia, pa.Consisting of two solo artist (Kurt Devino & Reny Rad), who formed the duo in 2014, Others create content to inspire, invigorate, and strike emotional chords. With a sound that can be described as Alternative R&B and Hip-Hop you'll receive a combination of fun, enlightenment, and comedy in Others music. Representing all Light Soldiers and Astro Warriors of the world on a mission to bring everyone on the side of embracing the Source Field that we're all apart of. Creating content with no greater purpose than to enjoy ourselves and receive the best that life has to offer us........ALL OF US. 
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Others- The glitch in the matrix
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