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Sicboyz productions were established in 2007 and created by John Maloney and Craig Meiser . They grew up in Arlington Texas while attending high school. These guys were always known for their passion and respect for music. Once graduated, John continued his education at The Dallas Sound Lab. After receiving a diploma, John and Craig decided to collaborate and work together as Sicboyz. They bought a studio with two friends, James Rowland and Michael Meiser. Sicboyz productions is the in house producers for MRM Entertainment. They have worked with many local artists featured in DFW, acts such as: Rob G, K.D Duke of the South, Poker Face along with others, while currently working with J.A.G & Reeko. These artist are all diverse with a wide range of genres which required different techniques. Sicboyz produces with programs such as Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, and equipment including MPC, Motif, turn tables and old records. At the end of the day they are inspired to make good music.

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