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Young Tanna was born in Decatur, Illinois. He eventually moved to Memphis, TN with his mother due to her marriage. Shortly after that, Young Tanna settled in Nashville, TN, where he slowly introduced himself to the street side of Nashville as a drug dealer and rapper. Young Tanna started coming up with rhymes at the age of 12, first free styling, not knowing how to write it, just speak it, to any beat or tune that was played. At 14, Young Tanna, known as Young Det at the time, was new to the hip hop or music aspect of the game. A cat by the name of Javon Morris decided to give Young Det a chance in a real studio. Javon Morris, produced and recorded Young Det’s first EP, “Hush” in 1999. After “Hush”, Young Det was incarnated in juvenile custody, afterwards, he release “Artwork”. While in the studio with Javon Morris, Young Det ran into a group called the Dirty Boiz, which was a group Javon Morris had founded. That connection opened doors for Young Det. The Dirty Boiz liked Young Det’s flow and featured him on their album, “One Family One Luv. After that year, Young Det changed his name to Young Tanna and started recording with the Dirty Boiz and joined them as a group under Stra8aw Productions, owned by, Chad (fiz) Demonbruen but that album didn’t take place as planned. After that, Young Tanna went back to Javon Morris because Javon told him he could help him once again complete the movement of a whole new project. Javon by this time has changed his company name from Push Play Productions to Karmah Records. At this time Young Tanna agreed to record in the studio and leave with what he came with, his verses and style of music. While working on the mix tape of “Chef of the Streetz”, Young Tanna was in the streets working other plans for his success in the music industry. Meeting people like, Charlie P of Black Fly Music, Jelly Roll, David Henry from Kentucky, Kool Daddy Fresh, Ill Dois, Six5, and Nina Ross. Also performed and toured with Top Dollar and a few others from the Nashville area. In 2007, Young Tanna dropped “Chef of the Streetz” with Javon Morris under the Karmah Records label. The “Chef of the Streetz” ep was streamed online in 16 stores, including I Tunes, Napster, Amazon, and others. In 2008, shortly after, “Chef of the Streetz” was released Young Tanna was shot 13 times. Due to injuries from the shooting, it took 6 years for Young Tanna is rebuild is brand back. In 2013, Young Tanna founded Y.T Entertainment and started his own company to pursue is musical aspirations. Currently, Young Tanna is working on “Chef of the Streetz, Vol 2, I’m Still Here”. He has recently opened up for Fox Million of Trill Entertainment. You can find Young Tanna on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,, and under Young YT Tanna.
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Chef Of Tha Streetz Vol.3 Culinary Arts Dropping In January

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