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Former HS and college athlete. Mixed Native American artist born in New London, Connecticut but raised mostly in Charlotte, NC Kitchi Mashquanon (which means Brave Red Tail Hawk in the Aboriginal Pequot language) has broken on to the music scene and social media scene since 2012 with a powerful message of liberation, healing and the embracing of past civilzations wisdom and practices to help garner a more harmonious society. With inspirations from Reggae to hip hop, rap and even alternative rock. "KM" is definitely talented and a gifted artist who made serious waves on the Freestyle crazed Rapchat app in the fall of 2017 which got several of his 90 second freestyles thousands of plays and a ton of attention from listeners all across the GLOBE. Mixtapes "Top floor project" (2018) , "Shooting stars" (2018) and recently released "Plant based" (2018) all have produced some buzz and though this Indigenous musician is currently traveling the independent route he is sure to create worldwide fans with his various sounds, energy, raw talent and passion to create an experience for his listeners in due time. Until then, What are you waiting for? Go listen to Kitchi Mashquanon NOW! on all music platforms as well as social media pages. Enjoy the ride!
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