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KEYRINGZ BIOGRAPHY It seems the days of hip hop being an urban force in cities around the United States is over. The days of this phenomenal movement having a home in each culture around the world has arrived. What better time to bring a group that's based on multi-cultural influences. From inside The States to the Peoples Republic, Keyringz is a group that has the musical versatility to give everyone around the Globe something they could relate to. Crowned "Reno's favorite Group," loved and backed by every artist they come in contact with, and a fan base that’s risen to 10,000+, they made a concrete foundation with the local scene. Keyringz began as a group of young men with a love for music and a passion for hip hop. Starting out in 1998 and finalizing their line up in 2005, the group consists of J Bond, Myke Nyte, Franco D.R., 24K and Raffy Del Rosario. Having collaborations and opportunities of performing with known artists such as Bone Thugz, Dorrough, Bubba Sparxxx, Mr. Kee, The Pack, Mistah F.A.B., Lil Jordan, Nump off E-40's SICK WIT IT label, Menace of Black Wall Street and with Curtis Young, CEO of Young Entertainment. Keyringz’ music is aimed at every style and hip hop aspect, with a diversified sound, not only could the clubhead feel, but the surfer on the beach in Maui, the sexy Latina in Calexico, the independent woman hitting the club after pushing 60 hours in a week, to the college kid at UC State. Provided with all the links to see for yourself what this group has to offer, I hope you find what every other person ready to take this game to the next level has found. Diversity, versatility, and above all originality. In final words, success is in the air for these young men so stay tuned and keep a close eye.
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