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Jay (PQBJay) is only one-half of The PQ Boyz, the small production team for PQ Entertainment. It all started by us loving music from an early age like most people. PQ Entertainment is made up of Mo, Marcus and Jay and in 2010 we were officially PQ Entertainment. The PQ is short for where we were raised in Louisiana – Plaquemine. It is a short distance from the state’s capitol city Baton Rouge. Jay is the idea man. Being a multi-tasker, Jay also does beats, the mixing and mastering for the company along with partnering with Marcus to run the business side of PQ Entertainment. Jay is not just satisfied with the success PQ has received so far. He continues to seek out opportunities to expand the PQ brand. We are managed by DJ Youso. DJ Youso has been managing the PQ Boyz production team for a little while now and they are working to find placements and work on projects together. DJ Youso has been a real positive influence on everything the team is doing. The beats have definitely gotten better since DJ Youso has been challenging Mo and Jay. DJ Youso has been an awesome resource and will be a major reason PQ will rise to the next level. Overall PQ has been working with anyone that is hungry. PQ started working with anyone that would do a song. The problem we would run into was we would get back songs that couldn’t be used or would not get a song back for a long time. DJ Youso told us to stop working with the hobbyists. Now we look for talented people to do songs with that are serious about the business and putting out quality products. PQ does mixing and mastering for low rates and also does exclusive beats at economical prices. As a company PQ stands for Pure Quality. We put forth our best effort and try not to hurt your pockets so that you are able to promote the collaborative work. To see more of the services we provide go to
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