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Born March 1989, In Orlando Florida, Slim is the product of a single-family home. His mother was tough, but also an excellent parent. She did what she could to raise him right, and instilled discipline in his life at a very young age, but there was only so much she could show and teach him as a woman. He respectfully appreciates all she’s done for him, but at the end of the day she still can’t show him how to ‘be a man’. Armed with a modest education he embarked at the age of 15 on his journey. Involved with robberies and drug activity Slim jumped head first into the streets, and quickly adapted, but being in the streets taught many lessons, most of which were hard. He realized that he was on his way to becoming another statistic just like his father who had died and many of his ‘friends’ who were in prison or had also died. As things became harder he kept on pushing. He started putting his thoughts about life on paper just to get it out of his system and maintain his focus on the new path he wanted his life to take. This soon opened the door to rapping and in doing so he tells his story, he tells of his trials and triumphs, his struggles to ‘be a man’… a better man. His lyrics are hard but to the point. Slim is for real! Just listen to his lyrics and heed the messages embedded therein.

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