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Memphis, Tennessee is known for birthing some of the industry's most raunchy gangster rappers but a new generation is trying to make their presence felt, a more lighthearted, lyrically inclined generation. And a 19-year-old emcee by the name of Marco Pavé is on a mission to grab his spot in the "New Memphis" movement. Born Tauheed Rahim II, Pavé has been rapping since the tender age of 8. Influenced by Hip-Hop heavyweights like Tupac and Jay-Z, he has set out to make music that will separate him from his grimy Memphis rap counterparts, "I make music for everyone. I like to cross genres, rock with Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop with dubstep, etc. But what I love the most is to just drop straight through on a beat, telling a deep ass story that will make people think." Music was not always at the top of his list but during his freshman year in high school,Pavé had a near-death experience when he was nearly shot in the face by his best friend. " I felt like I must be here for a reason. From that point on I never took my music lightly again." Although he is just breaking out on the scene, Pavé has a big year planned for 2012. He will release his first mixtape project entitled "My Perfect Imperfections" and he is slated to join the Urock Tour in May performing in over 13 cities for a chance to win a record deal. Remember the name Marco Pavé

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