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Shania Juzil a fresh voice on the r&b and pop music scene has united her vocals accordingly for one hot and trendy track "Think Twice". This harmonious single exudes a vibe that's on course to chart topping success and is being downloaded and streamed as fast as it is gaining listeners daily. Shania's music is cross genre and cross generational. Her songs are created from the heart and written from personal experience and composed from her ear lent to the reality of life and relationships from that of those around her such as family and friends. Shania has been singing and performing for as long as she can remember. Her roots are in the soil of the sound. Shania is the granddaughter of musical powerhouse The Great Barbara Lynn of Beaumont,Texas a left handed guitarist and also a deserving jazz musician who's single once topped charts with that of Elvis Presley. Fans can expect more great music, more energetic performances and an anticipated album filled with a mix of melodic hooks and a cultural uniting of transformational rhythm. Always on-point for taking the music to the next level. Shania is a voice with cutting edge range and abilities positioning her musically in a place of familiarity as she claims her space being an artist that's here to stay and welcomed with an audience of anticipating listeners to do so

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