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soul child frfr was talented in many things got caught up a week into college at 18 was trying make extra money for student loans max out 2-2-18 did 4 1/2 years for distribution and agg. assault. on police i tried to elude and backed up in my car didn't see 2 cops behind me o well, music is my passion i make music to get by mentally idc about who hears, im in this by myself i have no team and im broke rn, got into a car accident may 18th almost died some times i wonder why im even still trying but im not gonna give up or i would of already i just like making music in every genre there is i do everything shit i used to beatbox heavy down state for the homies and i have learned things that people need to hear through my music.. fuck clout views all this extra shit man being famous i talk to the beat and i listen to myself to motivate me. btw both tracks i did myself on garageband on gutter hero mic lol so yeah i can't afford to go the studio rn forgive me, dog i have so many fucking flow its crazy, and if i got the mic ill definitely have the ability to hype up the original track ill freestyle shit im old school wit it

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