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"THOSE WITHOUT A VISION SHALL PERISH- IM SEENIN' 20/20."-DAZIRE 2010 Born in Jersey and raised from "PK 2 LI" (Peekskill to Long Island) , DAZIRE emerges from the streets with a musical talent that is straight bananas. From the eager age of twelve she began writing rhymes about life and its harsh realities. Losing love and friends through street violence has inspired some of her most influential and hood controversial records. As a youth she bobbed and weaved life's hardships. Dazire A.K.A. The Boss Bitch has without a doubt produced massive amounts of potential hit singles and definite club bangers. With songs like "Bounce" and " Boss Bitch 101",& the hottest joint to date, "Round Table" she is ready to set straight what it means to have true talent in this Hip Hop game. She names rap mogul Jayz as one of the most influential. She has made guest appearances and performed at nightclubs, radio stations, and numerous commercial/promotional venues. Futuristically speaking, you'll be hearing alot more from this self-proclaimed Boss Bitch...

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