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Making it his mission to bring mental health awareness through his music, Detroit native Hip-Hop artist Jalen Cardell hopes that his listeners will be able to relate and understand that they are not alone. “I wear my heart on my sleeve,” Cardell states. “Hiding nothing from the world.” In his music, Jalen paints many moments of vulnerability—such as depression, addiction, anxiety, and self-worth. Through each experience, he finds it more freeing. “I want my listeners to feel like they’re not alone. Emotions are important but even more important is learning how to manage and control them.” Jalen teamed up with close friend, Goodluck Mpeba better known as G $wank as his producer; a Nigerian Native raised in Michigan. G $wank brings in the vibes for each song with the beats and melodies that mesh perfectly with Jalen's lyricism, and overall message. The duo’s chemistry is inevitable throughout their discography of work. “The all-around message is self-love and confidence,” Jalen concludes. His listeners receive that message through every song that he creates. Jalen’s music is currently streaming on all platforms including Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, Google Play, and more. You can keep up with Jalen Cardell on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Follow the movement...

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